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Established in 2001 Skin Solutions was inspired with the idea that everyone can have beautiful, youthful looking skin at an affordable price. We provide personalized, skin care restoration and maintenance. Taking care of your skin care needs helps to boost your self esteem while creating confidence. We offer innovative and scientifically developed skin care treatments plus state of the art technologies.

Established in 2004, Cosmetic Therapist, Jo Melching, LPN started to provide ELECTROLYSIS, for men and women with unwanted hair.Electrolysis is theonly permanent method of hair removalapproved by the FDA and AMA. Using state of the art technologies and a topical anesthetic, a fine insulated probe is inserted into the hair follicle, and a high frequency current is applied in 1/thousandths of a second. Because the delivery of the current is so quick the nerve doesn't have time to react to the stimuli which makes for a very comfortable treatment. When the hair root has been  treated effectively, the hair will be gently removed. When the hair root is eliminated, the hair will not be able to reproduce.
PLEASE WELCOME Angela Loera & Zailey Edwards for your permanent hair removal.

Our medical skin care office is a relaxed private setting. We offer wheel chair access to the office and off street parking. 

Skin Solutions & Electrolysis is a collective effort for a "one of a kind" full service esthetics, electrolysis and massage therapy in a                clinical / medical setting. No other business in this area provides these services in one office at the professional level, with state of the art equipment, innovative products and state licensed Aesthetician, Licensed Practical Nurse, Cosmetic Therapist/Electrologist's                                                                                                  Stacie Moore, Esthetician
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Before your first electrolysis session a detailed consultation, outlining the growth cycle of hair and causes of unwanted hair growth will be discussed. A short video is also included. A short treatment of about 15 minutes allows the electrologist to find the best settings for your skin and hair type.The unwanted hair needs to be long enough that it can be easily grasped by a pair of tweezers. Post epilation instructions must be followed by the client, that includes no make-up, no sun exposure, and no swimming for 24 hours. It is important to keep the treated area clean with a mild antiseptic such as witch hazel.
 Any area of the body can be treated by electrolysis except in the nose. in the ears or in a mole, unless you have an order from a dermatologist.
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